PRIVATE LAYER takes over hosting for Swissjabber


Private Layer (AS51852 /, with data centers and hosting operations in Switzerland, offers a wide range of offshore privacy hosting products that are designed to meet the technical and budgetary needs of international customers that value privacy and stability.

Why nine handovers Swissjabber to PRIVATE LAYER, as the leading provider of managed Linux servers in Switzerland, is in the process of redefining their efforts and strengths across our current product portfolio, in order to meet the future customer and market demands. During this process, we’ve recognized that the Swissjabber solution is no longer in-line with our future core business strategy and therefore we’ve decided to look for a new home of the Swissjabber community. With PRIVATE LAYER we’ve found a new haven for the Swissjabber chatting platform.


PRIVATE LAYER welcomes the Swissjabber community and will continue the original idea of Swissjabber, to provide a free open messaging platform that allows chat with multiple users and even with chat-services from other providers like Google Talk, GMX, etc. The official contact for any questions and support needs is as of now PRIVATE LAYER Inc., see for further details on